Tollerebio brand and website

Brand strategy & design for an emerging biotechnology startup

Project Overview
TollereBio is a biotechnology company that works to make vaccines more effective through their innovative approach to adjuvant development.
Brand Approach
Because TollereBio is a brand new startup, the approach I took in crafting their brand was to first build trust and communicate the innovative and protective nature of their biotechnology.
The visuals of the TollereBio brand exist to communicate the progress and protection that enhancing vaccines brings to the table for our health. The forms in the identity explore and suggest movement, data, dissemination of information, growing, improving, and protecting. The TollereBio colors were chosen for their mixture of vibrancy and earnestness. Blue and green are strongly linked to nature and health, while colors such as purple and dark grey can feel more polished, technical, or innovative. With this visual system, TollereBio is positioned to emerge as a biotechnology company focused on better health and backed by research and technology.  
Services and Deliverables
Brand Strategy
Identity Design
Art Direction
UI / UX Design