Bringing a legacy company into its future

Project Overview
PFL began as the country's first ecommerce commercial printing company in the 90's, but evolved to develop its own direct mail automation software. It therefore need to re-emerge as a software company first, that happens to also offer great printing.

Senior Brand Designer: Brooke C Benson
Grapic Designer: Nick Yonce
Creative & Art Direction: Tim Moran, Luke Lewis
Art Direction, Illustration (Contractor): Michael Newhouse
Copywriting: Tim Moran, Derek Moran, Matthew Meeks
My Contributions
I came to PFL as a brand designer with experience working for local businesses, as well as branding and marketing agencies. I joined PFL's in-house creative team to help develop the visual direction for their new brand identity. It was a large project: I worked with contractors and in-house creatives, including creative directors, art directors, senior and junior copywriters, and many others to help refresh this brand. As the in-house senior brand designer, I oversaw how it all came together and created the brand guidelines for the company moving forward.
Services and Deliverables
Brand Design
Art Direction
Brand Guidelines
Website Site Mapping
UI / UX Design
Website Design
PFL uses data and automated direct mail to help marketers, sales, and other business representatives make more authentic connections by blending the use of physical direct mail with all the advantages of digitally automating, personalizing, and measuring. Through PFL technology, direct mail becomes simplified at scale, allowing for greater communication and results.

The brand identity for PFL was developed with plenty of visual nods to the hybrid world that PFL straddles: a world that is connected by both physical and the digital communication. Dots on a grid symbolize the data that is the life force behind most marketing communication. Bitmap dots are a nod to the printing capabilities at PFL. Overall, the photography and branded elements exist to tell the story of building greater connections through direct mail with a sophisticated software solution.